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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Pride and Prejudice

The question of marriage lies at the centre of Jane Austen’s novels. The issues bound up in the pursuit of love, happiness, money and status were those of her day and informed the plots and morals of her work. In this fascinating book, Hazel Jones explores the ways in which these themes manifest themselves in Jane Austen’s life and fiction, against the backdrop of contemporary conduct manuals, letters, diaries, journals and newspapers. Drawing on original research, this entertaining and detailed study provides a charming and profound insight into the world of Jane Austen.

Hazel Jones taught English at Exeter University, specializing in Jane Austen. She tutored courses on the novelist for the thriving Summer Academy Programme, which attracted students from all over the world. She continues to organize Jane Austen residential courses for adults at various venues in the UK, focusing on her novels and her life and times.

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'Thank you so much for the fascinating book. I read it in one go - rivetted!' DW, Bath

' . . like most books I enjoy, regretted coming to the end.' JW, Bucks

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‘Hazel Jones has written a masterful accounting of the crucial role played by marriage in Jane Austen's novels and the world she and her characters lived in. Brilliantly researched and documented -- including information taken from the fascinating and sometimes troubling "conduct manuals" on the proper interaction between the sexes -- Jane Austen and Marriage offers deep insights that inform not only one's reading of Austen's novels but of the treacherous social bedrock underlying the lives of women living in that time. And in so doing, Hazel Jones has presented the reader with another testament to the long, hard march of women throughout history. It is a book that reflects Jane Austen's own penetrating gaze and insight into Regency society and no doubt will find a place in the library of even the most sophisticated "Janeite".’
Alice Steinbach, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman.

'Hazel Jones' carefully researched and engaging work examines Regency values and concepts of marriage through letters, diaries, and guides to contemporary manners, offering a new insight into Austen's much-loved novels.'
The Good Book Guide

'The wonder is that nobody has thought of publishing such a title before ... What we look for ... is that quotations and examples represent a good balance between Jane Austen’s fiction; the real life of her family and neighbours; and the experiences of her contemporaries at large. This Hazel Jones has undoubtedly achieved, drawing on letters, diaries, conduct books and newspapers of the period.'
Jane Austen Society Newsletter

'Jones fleshes out the interaction between man and woman in nineteenth-century Britain. Illustrative excerpts from the novels and primary research sources provide a well-rounded, informative basis for her walk up the garden path and down the aisle ... a particularly useful book. Readers will welcome the author’s friendly style of writing as well as her insight into women like Lydia Bennet, Anne Elliot, and Marianne Dashwood. Highly recommended.'
Vermont Regional Chapter, Jane Austen Society North America

'Jones's ample use of archival and manuscript sources provide illuminating and amusing insights that compliment Austen's own ... a lively introduction to the romance plots of Austen's novels, and her contemporaries' views of marriage.'
Elizabeth Scott-Baumann, Times Literary Supplement

'Bravo to the author, Hazel Jones! The book was well researched and documented. I have read several books on Jane Austen, and this is one of my favorites. I learned a great deal about her immediate and extended family that I had not previously known. It was well written, and I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning more about Jane Austen and her times.'
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 Jane Austen and Marriage